PERFORMANCE title: Jenga stack /room 121 Kunstakademie Düsseldorf Rundgang 2018
I stack large pieces of jenga made of rice papers and I sit next to it taking some bits of the Jenga, soaking them in water and eating them. Jenga slowly loses its form and structure, but through my body' s digestion, the jenga pieces will achieve a simple order. And then once the rice paper has been digested, I collect my urine in a jug and pour it into a pot with rice seedlings inside to cultivate it. Some scientists claim that the universe is heading towards disorder of matter, but I think to the contrary. I think that biological tendency to pursue simple order, simultaneously with the disorder of matter.The biological tendency towards simple order can be understood simply through our bodies.The disorder of Rice Paper Jenga is also ordered through my body at the same tlme.

Eunbi Oh